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How Fast Will You Lose Weight With an Exercise Bike Workout?


Want to pedal the pounds away with your mountain bike? This is one of the best ways to lose weight. The advantages of an exercise bike are: Your body will begin burning calories immediately. You will not have to worry about the weather if you choose to use an indoor bike. Additionally, even if you don’t know how to ride an outdoor bike, you can just hop on and start pedalling.

However, you need to plan your workouts so as to optimize your long term weight loss. If you cycle more intensely, you’ll lose weight with an exercise bike faster, but you can begin slow and increase your workouts as your physical fitness improves.

Light cycling

You light cycle on your exercise bike if your heart beat rate is at 35%-50% of its optimum rate or your heart is having at 220 heartbeats per minute minus your age. Light cycling burns 474,387 and 325 calories an hour if you weigh 190,155 and 130 pounds respectively as per the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family services. When you burn 3500 calories, you lose one pound. That means a 190-pound individual will burn 3500 calories in around 7.4 hours, a 155 pound individual in about 9 hours and a 130-pound individual in about 10.8 hours when cycling lightly on an exercise bike.

Moderate cycling

You are cycling moderately on your exercise bike when your heartbeat rate is at 55%-69% of its maximum rate. Moderate cycles burn 604,493 and 413 calories in an hour if you weigh 190,155 and 130 pounds respectively. That means a 190 pound individual will shed off one pound in around 5.8 hours, a 155 pound individual in around 7 hours and a 130 pound individual in about 8.5 hours when cycling moderately on an exercise bike.

Vigorous cycling

You are vigorous cycling to lose weight with an exercise bike when your heartbeat is at 70%-89% of its maximum rate. Vigorous cycling burns 906,739 and 620 calories in an hour if you weigh 190,155 and 130 pounds respectively. This means, a 190 pound individual when cycling vigorously on an exercise bike workout will shed off one pound in about 3.9 hours, a 155 pound individuals in about 4.7 hours and a 130 pound individual in about 5.6 hours.


As you can see above, when cycling vigorously on your exercise bike, you will lose one pound faster than you would when cycling moderately or lightly on the same bike. However, vigorous cycling may not be possible especially in the first few weeks. The point is start slow but increase the intensity slowly as you go on with your workouts.

If your age is less than 50, your heartbeat rate after the exercise should not exceed 140 heartbeats in a minute for the initial 3 weeks of your exercise bike program. It also should not be more than 150 heartbeats after that says Dr. Kenneth Copper, an exercise expert. If your age is above 50, your heartbeat rate should not be more than 100 for the initial weeks of the exercise bike program and should be less than 110 and 120 for the next 6 weeks. It must never be more than 130.When your heart rate is very high, you should cycle slower. Start by cycling 3 days a week, cycle four days a week within the initial five weeks and cycle five times a week within several weeks after that. In your first week, workouts should be 4-6 minutes long. However, ensure to increase each workout length to 20 minutes within 3 months.

Choice of Exercise bike

How fast you are going to lose weight with an exercise bike will not depend on what type of an exercise bike you are using. However here are two options of exercise bike you can use according to your preference.

Computerized exercise bike

This is option #1. Stationary but computerized exercise bikes normally have digital displays that inform you the number of calories you have burned and how much length you have covered. Several have mechanisms of evaluating your heart rate and speed. If you prefer this calorie count handy, then a computerized model is ideal for you.

However, keep in mind that these computerized calorie counters are not always accurate. If you choose this model, you will also need to calculate your energy expenditure (calorie burn) on your own. This way you will be sure to lose weight fast as you will adjust accordingly even if it means increasing the intensity.

Non-computerized exercise bike

You can also opt to go for a cheap mountain bike. These, unlike the computerized exercise bikes, they don’t have digital displays. However, they too are a great choice if you want to lose weight. The faster you will shed if those extra pounds will depend on the intensity of your rides. Work out the calories you burn each time you ride, and you will know whether to increase the intensity for faster weight loss.

Exercise bike workouts are great ways of losing weight. They provide you with the convenience a regular bike wouldn’t especially if you use an indoor exercise bike as you can do other things like watching your favourite channel while pedaling. However, how fast you are going to lose weight will depend on your body size and the intensity of the cycles like we have seen above. As you start, you can cycle less intensely but as you continue ensure you increase the intensity of your rides. Remember proper planning is required though.

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