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There’s Something In The Water……

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…and they’re amino acids.
If you’ve taken a basic biology course, you probably remember your professor

stressing the fact that our bodies – these wondrous machines – are made of proteins.

And those proteins come from amino acids, these little building blocks all strung

together to produce said proteins, which in turn create pretty important stuff like

your skin, eyes, heart, intestines, bones, and, our favorite: muscle. They’re also

exceptionally important for processes involving energy, recovery, mood, brain

function, and again, our favorite: muscle and strength gains, as well as fat loss.

And if you’re in the body building world, or don’t live under a rock, you’re probably

aware of the importance of and obsession with protein for building muscle. So since

amino acids make up these powerful proteins, I guess you can say they’re pretty

important to get in your diet.



Essential vs. Non-Essential Amino Acids

All amino acids are important, even though calling a group of them “non-essential”

doesn’t seem very nice. If you’ve heard of these categorizations for amino acids, what

they simply mean is that essential amino acids are ones our bodies do not make from

food, so therefore, they must come from food and supplementation. Non-essential

amino acids aren’t ones we don’t need, but rather, they are readily produced in our

bodies and we don’t have to seek outside resources to get them.



There are 9 essential amino acids:

histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine,

tryptophan, and valine. That means you have to find a way to get these 9 compounds

in your body somehow in order to grow those muscles.

A great way to make sure you’re getting these essential amino acids is through adding

a supplement powder to your water before, after, or even during your workout.

Here are the benefits you can count on getting from supplementing these 9 crucial


Histidine: Growth and repair of all tissues in the body relies on histidine. This amino

acid is known for maintaining and producing a type of support cell for nerves called

oligodendrocytes. We know that nerves transmit information in your body and

brain, so they’re pretty important. Oligodendrocytes are cells that provide a

protective sheath, also known as myelin, around your nerves to make information

transmission speedier and better.

Isoleucine: If you’re looking for enhanced endurance and the healing/repairing of

muscle tissue, look no further than isoleucine. This amino acid is exceptionally

important for maintaining energy levels and promoting repair after a strenuous gym


Leucine: Leucine will help regulate blood-sugar levels, assist in the growth and repair

of tissues in your skin, bones, and muscle, and also plays a major role in healing

wounds. Perhaps one of the best parts of leucine is that it helps make sure your

muscle tissue does not get broken down – something us fitness folks are constantly

looking for.

Lysine: Lysine is extremely essential when it comes to growth and development in

the body. It plays a key role in calcium absorption, which in turn results in bone and

muscle growth, on top of fat metabolism for energy usage. Lysine also helps with

maintaining lean body mass, combats fatigue and overtraining, and helps your body

build new muscle protein. It is also needed to produce things like antibodies,

hormones, enzymes, collagen, and other compounds that will help you repair

damaged tissue from a hard training session.

Methionine: Methionine helps your body breakdown and use fats, therefore boosting

your testosterone rate. Sounds pretty awesome, right? This compound will get rid of

any excess fat from your bloodstream, reduce fat tissue in your body, and helps with

overall digestion.

Phenylalanine: This amino acid is shown to give you a little mood-boost, can amp up

your motivation, and can improve memory. It also increases levels of certain

neurotransmitters like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, which help with

making sure your nervous system operates at the highest possible level.

Threonine: Formation of two essential binding substances of the body, collagen and

elastin, comes from threonine. This compound will also provide you with better

immune system functioning, proper protein balance, and perhaps most importantly,

it will help you absorb other nutrients even better.

Tryptophan: Yes, this is the commonly believed culprit for that post-Thanksgiving

turkey slumber you’re so inclined to take. It’s not entirely true, but tryptophan can

help with sleep and even act as an anti-depressant.

Valine: This amino acid also helps with the repair and growth of muscle tissue…are

you sensing a trend here? There’s a reason these amino acids are “essential” –

especially for bodybuilders and avid gym-goers.


Add BCAA’s to your supplement regimen, and reap the muscle building fat loss benefits.

When it comes to what I recommend, I highly recommend Nutrabolics brand of BCAA’s  ANABOLIC STATE which is cGMP certified, so you can rest assured that your getting a high quality supplement.

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